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Free Kashmir No Indian Army PAKISTAN – USA FREEDOM FORUM 82-44 243 St., Bellerose, NY 11426 Tel (718) 343-1653 or (718) 763-3543 E-mail: pakusaff@hotmail.com Stop Dividing Families End the Raids and Deportations Might / B52 / Drones Are Not a Solution for Peace On Friday, November 29, from 3:00 to 5:00 PM more than 70 Pakistani-Americans and North Americans braved the cold weather on the day after Thanksgiving, when people celebrating by having dinner with their family, to protest the U.S. drone attacks against people in Pakistan and other countries of the world. There were women and families with children, student activists and older people. There were members of Pakistan Tahreek - e -Insaf (PTI), Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum (PUFF),Tehreek Mohasba, International Action Center (IAC), Code Pink, World Can’t Wait, people who came back from protesting against low wages at Wal-Mart and others, demanding $15 an hour (which would just bring the minimum wage up to the level from 75 years ago). For more than 10 days, thousands of people in Pakistan have blocked highways in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa province to stop NATO supplies going to Afghanistan, called by Imran Khan, a member of the National Assembly from that province and chair of the PTI. People have been forced to take these actions because the US would not listen when Pakistan’s sovereignty was violated, although people, and particularly women, have said “no, no, no” hundreds of times without a response. Over the last 7 years 138 protestors have been killed and 235 injured while stopping trucks by armed guards protecting the convoys. There are 7,000 trucks and trailers transporting war supplies every day, 365 days a year for over 7 years, giving a total of almost 18 million trucks. Over the years, an estimated 830 people have been killed and hundreds more injured by drones in Pakistan alone. Amnesty International in a recent report stated that “these and other strikes have resulted in unlawful killings that may constitute extrajudicial executions or war crimes.” Besides Pakistan and Afghanistan, the US is carrying out drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen, which have killed hundreds more. They are also using unarmed drones along the US-Mexico border, and various police departments, including Ray Kelly’s NYPD, are looking at using them in US cities. PUFF is proud of the fact that it has been Pakistani-Americans and US people of conscience who were the first to protest against these drone attacks, when the NGOs were simply writing reports and various government watchdog agencies refused to take up the issue. We are also defending the sovereignty of Pakistan and the highest values of the UN Charter and laws, which the UN itself and Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in particular have not even raised it. PUFF congratulates those people who have been calling for solving international problems by talking, through diplomacy. We hope that the conflicts involving western powers will lead to long, durable agreements, and not just be due to a temporary balance of power with Russia. Agreements must be based on respect for national sovereignty of other countries, which has been the demand of small countries like Iran, Syria and Cuba. We hope the U.S. will finally talk with Cuba after more than 50 years since the revolution. The US history includes dropping atom bombs on human beings, invading Vietnam, threatening Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Syria and Iran. This does not give it the moral authority to judge that Iran’s behavior is not acceptable, and it forestalls a long-term agreement. The US actions give an excuse to other countries to justify their bad actions against the working class, minorities and immigrants, or interfere in other countries, such as Australia’s actions against immigrants or France’s interference in Mali. The US government has a double-standard when it claims to support democracy but supports kings like in Saudi Arabia, dictators or rule of the army who looted their countries, such as Dictator Musharraf / Shoukat Aziz (former Citibank employee) in Pakistan, African dictators or Mubarak in Egypt, leave nothing for the people. It shows the same double-standard when it opposes Iran’s nuclear research for energy but never criticizes Israel for its nuclear weapons. The US government can plan wars and attack other countries overnight, but it cannot provide a working health care policy [computer problems online], affordable housing or a living wage for its people, or a humane immigration policy after years. Finally, PUFF hopes that new Pak Army Chief of Staff and Chief Justice of Supreme Court will fully understand how to obey the Constitution of Pakistan. We also want to congratulate Liaquat Babuch, Secretary General of the Jamat-e-Islami Party, who has thanked the Pakistanis living abroad for not only sending home billions of dollars that help the economy but also for helping the country morally. Dr. Muhammad Shafique President Mr. Shahid Comrade General Secretary (917) 280-0840

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oston Pakistan USA Freedom joined unions and activist representing east coast to stand against school bus drivers and anti union action taken by French company Veolia Corporation firing two leaders Steven Kirschbaum,and vice president Steve Gillis of steelworkers local 8751 and three other members of the BOSTON SCHOOL BUS UNION 5. Activist and workers demanding unionization [2013 lowest unionized labor in USA comparing other industrial nations] ,work with respect ,END THE WARS DRONES,DEPORTATION AND LEGALIZED ALL Mass solidarity rally called by USW International and local 8751 NOV 09 2013 and attended by WORKERS WORLD PARTY, INTERNATIONAL ACTION CENTER ,VETERAN FOR PEACE, PARENTS OF SCHOOL KIDS AND ALL STUDENTS SOCIAL AND CONCERNED ORGNIZATIONS


FTER MEETING[5PM] Pakistan USA Freedom Forum thanks to all who showed up front the White House [Morning to Evening10/23/2013] Special thanks Miss Paulettef [working for political prisnor release],Ell-Hajj Sallah Khan [Peace through justice] Miss Nitasha, Miss Noor[Code Pink] Secret service, FBI , DHS And all citizen [ Tourists]of earth who came to White House to listen truth by real people not self censord midea of West/USA Free Kashmir No Indian Army PAKISTAN – USA FREEDOM FORUM 82-44 243 St., Bellerose, NY 11426 Tel (718) 343-1653 or (718) 763-3543 E-mail: pakusaff@hotmail.com Stop Dividing Families End the Raids and Deportations Mr. Nawaz Sharif, National Assembly of Pakistan Is Still Waiting For You It's a sad day in Pakistani-American history of activism (Oct. 23 2013) when the Prime Minister of Pakistan is at the White House demanding that Obama End the Drones, which are illegal and against the UN charter, just hours before hundreds of Pakistanis attended the community dinner with the Prime Minister. The parties who claim to be against the drones (PMLN & Tahreek-e-Insaf) did not show up, but the supporters of dictator Musharaf / Shoukat Aziz (x Citibank servant) were there. It is sad that the Pakistani Embassy cannot make any public campaign to promote Pakistani national demands when the best opportunity is waiting for them. It is bad when Prime Minister cannot appoint his Ambassador in such an important country as the USA for five months. Pakistan USA Freedom Forum (PUFF) put out a call the day before to come in front of the White House to demand an End to Drone attack and respect the sovereignty of all countries, to repatriate Dr Afia, Remove all CIA secret cells from Pakistan, end snooping on Pakistanis by NSA/USA, immediately release all funds which Pakistan has already spent on behalf of USA, for reparations to families murdered by CIA drones equal to the $$ amount USA families received from late Libyan ruler Qaddafi. The families of people abducted by CIA/ISI should receive monetary assistance, end sale of nuclear materials to India by USA, help end the occupation of Kashmir. PUFF is demanding that all money be brought back from outside banks or business to Pakistan from Zardari, Sharif, and top 100 army generals who served from 1977, all ministers and former ministers of all provinces from 1977-2013, then Mr. Nawaz Sharif will be justified to ask for help on any conditions. At 5:00 PM on the day before Mr. Sharif left the USA, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum demanded that he speak to the nation and tell the whole truth. This act should be the first thing he does when his plane lands in Pakistan, since it's the best chance for the leader who claims he is the elected Prime Minister. (There are rumors about the secret hand played by Western powers, especially the USA, and ISI in the 2013 election. Now no party can claim it is a national party.) You should not act like an army dictator (Musharaf – Shoukat Aziz) nor one supervised by the government of USA, like National Reconciliation Order President Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, allegedly the most corrupt person in the world! Peace in the world! Dr. Muhammad Shafique President Mr. Shahid Comrade General Secretary (917) 280-0840


STATEMENT ISSUED FRONT OF WHITE HOUSE /MORNING TIME Free Kashmir No Indian Army PAKISTAN – USA FREEDOM FORUM 82-44 243 St., Bellerose, NY 11426 Tel (718) 343-1653 or (718) 763-3543 E-mail: pakusaff@hotmail.com Stop Dividing Families End the Raids and Deportations USA, IS IT DIFFICULT TO RESPECT OTHERS SOVEREIGNTY?? This morning, October 23, the Pakistani American community in the United States of America welcomes the Honorable Mian Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan. He will be meeting with President Barak Hussein Obama today as a state guest of the White House Mr. Nawaz Sharif, who was overthrown twice, directly or indirectly, by Pakistani army generals presumably supported by Washington, was just elected PM of Pakistan for the third time after five years as leader of the opposition party and has seen with his own eyes that the people have no money to even buy food; that the country is in the dark because there is no electric power. This is all because the country was looted by dictator Musharraf/ PM Shoukat Aziz (former CitiBank employee) and the National Reconciliation Ordinance President Asif ali Zardari, both supported by the Western powers. The father of the Pakistani nation Mohammad Ali Jinnah told us to respect other countries and that abiding by the laws and treaties will be a cornerstone of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Pakistanis have always believed in the great values that the USA professed. But history has shown us that when any power tried to act like a bully, by invading other countries (as the US invaded Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya), occupying them (as Israel occupies Palestine and India occupies Kashmir), or supporting dictators (as the US supported the Egyptian military), then the citizens of Pakistan always stood together with the freedom fighters. President Obama, in his second term, has just learned the lesson that the people in the whole world, including the United States, said no to any new war or intervention by the US (as in Syria). The US is facing a $17 trillion deficit and for now has just escaped bankruptcy. Obama has also deported a record number of immigrants (almost 4 million). Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum hopes that, as a friend of the USA, you will be honest to tell Obama the truth that the policies of the US government of war including the so-called “war on terrorism” are creating more animosity and hate towards the US. We think that this meeting is a good time for open discussion and to raise the following demands: End Drone Attacks and Respect the Sovereignty of All Countries! Repatriate Dr Afia to Pakistan! Remove Secret CIA Cells from Pakistan! End Snooping on Pakistani Citizens by NSA/USA! Immediately Release All Funds Which Pakistan Already Spent on Behalf of USA! Reparations to Families Murdered by CIA Drones Equal to $ Amount USA Families Received from Late Libyan Ruler! Families of People Abducted/Missing by CIA/ISI Should Receive Monetary Assistance! End Sale of Nuclear Materials to India! Help End the Occupation of Kashmir! For further information, please call Shahid Comrade at: 917-280-0840. Dr. Muhammad Shafique President Mr. Shahid Comrade General Secretary (917) 280-0840

Immunize Courts &Educational institutes from militarism and pentagon

SIGNS OCT 15, 2013 FRONT OF FEDERAL COURTS NEW YORK 1] STOP DRONES RESPECT PAKISTAN'S SOVEREIGNTY 2] US RESPECT SOVEREIGNTY OF COUNTRIES AND PRIVACY OF CITITIZENS OF PENTAGON STATE KIDNAPPING LIBI Free Kashmir No Indian Army PAKISTAN – USA FREEDOM FORUM 82-45 243rd Street Belle Rose, NY 11426 (718) 343-1653 or (718)763-3543 Fax (718) 574-4333 E-mail: pakusaff@hotmail.com End the Raids and Deportations Stop Dividing Families On October 16, 2013 youth, students and teachers protested ex-CIA commander General David Petraeus's appointment at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City, sending a clear message to high officials that the City University of New York (CUNY) must not hire educators who are proponents of war and supporters of cruelty as in Guantanamo Prison. Our sons and daughters are in need of alternatives to war and violence. If our public officials do not consider the person’s/general’s moral character, we will fail the next generation. The "war on terror" has created a rationale that killing unarmed civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. where Petraeus oversaw the occupation, killing[allegedly] and destruction of those societies, is an acceptable method to be rewarded with a teaching position at CUNY. Drones, Guantanamo bay, and torturous force- feeding (for nine months) are shameful acts of the US doctors and army lawyers who justify such inhumane treatment. Pakusaff supports and thanks the respectable educators and decent students who condemn and oppose the military's crimes at Guantanamo Bay where the prisoners have been suffering for close to 13 years. The day before the protest at John Jay, on October 15, a brave and lone member of Pakusaff stood in front of the Federal Court building in downtown NYC for seven hours holding signs condemning the violation of Libyan sovereignty by the U.S. via the CIA kidnapping of Libyan citizen, Abu Anas al Libi. One sign also condemned the spying activities of the National Security Agency (NSA), which violates the sovereignty of entire nations abroad, as well as American citizens who are spied upon, and questions how can such a system give a "fair trial" to Mr. Libi, who was interrogated for a week aboard a U.S. warship in the Mediterranean and faces charges of 'terrorism' in a U.S. court. Libi's trial in a civilian court is to dilute charges of U.S. violation of the third Geneva Convention that prohibits assassinations, kidnapping and torture of prisoners. The fear of the U.S. government regarding its own actions is highlighted by the fact that although every major media stationed reporters and photographers from AP, NBC, ABC, FOX, AL JAZEERA, REUTERS, and RT NEWS, these "news" men and women turned their eyes and cameras away from the lone Pakistani man with the signs, assuring that only the "acceptable messages" of the U.S. government make the headlines. This same representative of Pakusaff was the catalyst in the American peace movement who informed the U.S. public about the brutality brought against the Pakistani neuroscientist Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, also a kidnap victim of the CIA/ISI (Pakistan's secret police) and the unjust trial and verdict[86yers] with complete violation of her civil and human rights. Dr. Siddiqui remains behind bars in a Texas prison waiting waiting good news about her youngest son[since 2003] when there is no meeting with family member in one year [2012-2013march in facility TEXAS] Pakusaff, part of the anti-war movement in USA, deeply understands the many violations of human and civil rights and therefore stands with those struggling for freedom, democracy and human rights. Today Pakusaff stands against violating countries' sovereignty, drones over Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia and Mali, butchering of Egyptians by the dictator of Egypt army, for the last three decades up till Oct 21 2013. That is extremely shameful and tragic. Lets see how our western government plays with words regarding the seals violating Libyan sovereignty (Oct 05), kidnappings (Libi), and killings in Somalia. Thank you students and leaders from the 1960s to 2013. All young students, immigrants, and Muslim students who feel the best way to show patriotism is just by telling the truth. Even though it might be a little difficult to swallow for those who still behave on the basis of neo-colonial domination and benefit from inequalities of color and race. Comrade S. Secretary General, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum Ph: (+1) 917 280 0840 Blog: http://pakusaff.blogspot.com/ Shahid Comrade Secretary General (917) 280-0840 Dr. Mohammed Shafique President

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Free Kashmir No Indian Army PAKISTAN – USA FREEDOM FORUM 82-44 243 St., Bellerose, NY 11426 Tel (718) 343-1653 or (718) 763-3543 E-mail: pakusaff@hotmail.com Stop Dividing Families End the Raids and Deportations Killing Millions Just To Show the USA Is Not Weak Monday, September 9, 2013, nearly 1,000 people gathered at the White House to protest Obama's proposed attack on Syria. The people rallying included many young women and children calling for peace not war. The protestors then marched to the Capitol building. The protest was called by the International Action Center, Pakistan USA Freedom Forum, United National Anti War Coalition, ANSWER Coalition and the Syrian American Forum. Secretary General of Pakistan USA Freedom Forum (Pakusaff) Mr. Shahid Comrade would like to thank everyone who came to Washington on September 9th to show their support – especially the Syrians. He also made clear to the press that we are only against the interference of any power or super power USA whose actions will disrupt the efforts in Syria and the region to bring peace in the WORLD. Pakusaff is also appealing to the other two 'superpowers' – Russia and China – who have the kind of economic and political weight in the international arena to "draw a red line" against any military attack on the Syrian people. A hard and bitter lesson was learned by both countries when they abstained in the Security Council on the issue of Libya and saw the cruel nature of both NATO and the United States, which used the cover of "humanitarian right to protect" to bomb the Libyan society and make it fall into the hands of uncontrollable and chaotic warlords, as the suffering goes on. Thanks to the U.S., the old colonial powers (Italy, Britain and France) got the contracts for the Libyan peoples' oil and they are sharing in the booty while every social ill is visited upon the Libyan people. We expect the leaders of these other two Big Powers not to remain silent in the face of this new U.S. Western military threat. Furthermore, any kind of occupation (Kashmir by India, Palestine by Israel, Somalia, Haiti) will not be tolerated. All peace-loving countries and peoples must stand up now to stop Washington from carrying out yet another war and intervention. The Pakusaff Secretary General demanded that all countries, including the United States government, declare their secret chemical weapons and that the Western powers show the UN and the public their bills of sale for chemical weapons to anywhere. We all waited patiently for President Obama's Speech to the Nation tonight and it was our prayer and hope that he would heed the calls of the people and declare that the USA will not attack Syria, but our hearts were disappointed once again. President Obama did not say the USA would not attack Syria; instead he repeated the same old rhetoric of believing that the US is still the world's policeman and that if things don't go the way that satisfies the USA, then Syria is still under the guns of America. No, Mr. Obama, we the people declare that we will not accept another war, whether or not it is approved by the US Congress. We do not want the first black president to go against more than 70% of citizens who do not want any war. War is always a dirty game. The US has no right to attack a country that has not attacked us. That is the ONLY reason for a war – to defend oneself from an outside aggressor, and Syria is not threatening the United States. Pakistan USA Freedom Forum cannot ignore the pages from history books, which tell us that the USA is the only country that used the atom bomb against human beings in 1945 on Japan, that used napalm bombs against Vietnamese civilians, that deceived the world when late Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein used chemical gas against Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war in 1988, of the CIA’s involvement in killing foreign head of states, of the USA and allies playing a direct or indirect role to overthrowing elected governments, not accepting people’s voting majority in Algeria, Chile, Cuba, Grenada, Nicaragua, Haiti, Iran, Honduras, Congo, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, and now Syria. At home we are still fighting for medical aid for all, an equal salary for men and woman. The US has the largest number of people in jail. Wall Street CEOs are untouchable by any court, even though their blunders put the country on its knees. There only control is the Federal Reserve Board, which consist of old friends who know each other for the last 30 years. President Obama, we want to believe you when you talk about kids, women, family and the future, but it is very difficult when you deported 400,000 hard-working people in one year, beating all records. Millions of families have been separated over the last decades. Signing the National Defense Authorization Act is the worst moment for any law scholar, spying on all people and using intelligence to cover this up. You do not need to help those who always try to create war so they can introduced new kinds of weapons (F-22s, precision rockets to attack chemical buildings or facilities) and demand billions of dollars. Pakusaff is asking all diplomats with a conscience to find a resolution so that the Syrian people can talk and solve the conflict with the help of US peace lovers. More than a third of the population have become refugees and 100,000 have died in the last two years. In the last almost seven decades we are failed to solved the Palestinian question and even in Kashmir question we did not want to get involved when two Asian countries that now have the atom bomb, India Pakistan, fought three wars and Pakistan lost East Pakistan when the Indian army crossed Pakistan’s international border. Pakusaff believes that the coming UN General Assembly session is the best moment to show the world that we stand for peace. It would be wonderful if an international body of peace activists could ask the two parties to sit down with those who love peace. Dr. Muhammad Shafique President Mr. Shahid Comrade General Secretary (917) 280-0840 Photos by Caleb Maupin, calebmaupin@gmail.com clip_image002 clip_image004 clip_image006 clip_image008


THIS STATEMENT BASED ON TALK AND SPEECHES DELIVERED BY REPRESENTATIVE OF Pakistan USA Freedom Forum in New York during UN General Assembly 2013 Shahid Comrade Secretary General Pakistan USA Freedom Forum appeal to all writers ,poets, journalists and activists to stand against assault against humanity by old and new colonialist [USA] That the real duty of people of conscious thanks Comrade Free Kashmir No Indian Army Pakistan – USA Freedom Forum 82-44 243 St., Bellerose, NY 11426 Tel (718) 343-1653 or (718) 763-3543 E-mail: pakusaff@hotmail.com Stop Dividing Families End the Raids and Deportations Welcome Pakistani Prime Minister Who Is Coming to Tell the Truth to the World The Pakistani American community in the United States of America welcomes the Honorable Mian Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan; he will be telling the world how countries and regions are taken advantage of when colonial powers violate sovereignty and international borders. Pakistan is the real victim and model to learn from. We must learn the negative example of Kenya as well, which suffered from the hostage situation by playing the game of the imperialists in invading its neighbor Somalia. You have concern and worry over the thousands that were killed and displaced in the recent earthquake in Baluchistan which killed many people,killing spree of minorities and also stress over the numerous separatist groups, who are preventing the rescue efforts of the Pakistani Army in the affected areas. Please make Pakistanis proud in telling the UN General Assembly, without any hesitation and with courage, how the Pakistanis are suffering without power, have a lacking and deteriorated educational and health system, a free-falling economy and extremism, the only one big reason behind the long-time dictatorships (Dictator Musharraf and Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz who was also a high Citibank official) and were backed by the US and other Western countries. We are hopeful that, as a third-time Prime Minister (you were raised by the dictator General Zia 1977-1980S) you can act as you did when you were Prime Minister of Pakistan for the second time, showing the world that you can take a stand for Pakistani interests and sovereignty against the atomic power pressure of the USA under Clinton, and create good relations with your neighbors. Life teaches you to gain the peoples' trust, that openness and closeness is the best way to govern our beautiful country. We hope you will never allow ministers hold party positions. Also that intelligent Pakistanis will be appointed to key positions very soon, such as foreign and defense ministers and ambassadors. We are requesting the government to not appoint to any post those who are foreign dual citizens who have not lived in Pakistan for a continuous five year period. Educated Pakistanis deserve the fruits of their struggle for a democratic rule of law. Ask every member of the National Assembly,Ministers of all level,Advisers and the army generals from july, 1977, to give a full accounting of the money they hold outside the country, and return it to the Pakistan treasury or leave their posts. There should be full cooperation and obedience to orders made by the courts and no special pardons should be made. For example as Mr. Zardari shamelessly disobeyed all court orders and abused the power of the position he held. SHAME. You should encourage all Pakistani citizens and foreigners to come to Pakistan without hassle and bribes to gain entry. Please do not repeat your blunder when you act very badly to control the dollar accounts opened by Pakistanis living abroad because you said that Pakistan needed dollars to prevent default. You have same old advisers in your cabinet. Attention should be given to the needs of the women, students and laborers who have suffered very badly for the last thirty years under Musharraf, Shaukat Aziz, Shujat and Pervez Elahi and NRO President Asif Ali Zardari. Prisoners who were never sentenced or have completed their time sentence[equal to judgment] must be released! Pay attention to the needs of the soldiers who are vital for the defense of our motherland; the differences in salaries and conditions from those of the officers must be fair. Prime Minister, we need improved infrastructure and safety throughout the entire country; These improvements should be based on the interest of the nation and not greedy money-makers,Political power grabbers, (political game in Karachi & MQM’s dirty tricks, the selling of PIA, Steel, Railway, etc) who always find a way to influence the ruling party. The Pakistan USA Freedom Forum (PUFF) asks you to pay attention to the new strategy of the superpowers, who are now talking to the Taliban and Iran (we hope this is very good news). Pakistan in developing relations with these forces and countries should base on its own interests and sovereignty. PUFF hopes you will raise the following concerns during your state visit with President Obama in October 2013: the status of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, the drone attacks, the situation in Kashmir and the secret CIA involvement inside Pakistan, the information related to abduction of Pakistani citizens and any information regarding safety and sovereignty of our country. Demand full reimbursement from the US, ISAF (International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan), NATO, which amount to billions, to help the poor economy of country; these are small steps for a real Pakistani leader who will prove that the 2013 elections was not an NRO-2 government or a election devised by colonial powers. Dr. Muhammad Shafique President Mr. Shahid Comrade General Secretary (917) 280-0840


Free Kashmir No Indian Army PAKISTAN – USA FREEDOM FORUM 82-44 243 St., Bellerose, NY 11426 Tel (718) 343-1653 or (718) 763-3543 E-mail: pa...