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TPS andDouble Standard of Obama Administration

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Double Standard of Obama Administration
Towards National Disaster in Pakistan

In July, severe floods struck across Pakistan, killing thousands of people, making millions homeless, and poisoning much of the water supply for the whole country. This has affected the entire population, as even mothers cannot get clean water for their newborn children.

For the first time, all elements of the Pakistani community are united on the demand for Temporary Protective Status (TPS). Former Prime Minister Ch. Shujat of the PMLQ issued a statement calling for TPS, and the MQM attended a meeting in New York demanding TPS (both parties, PMLQ and MQM, were part of the government of Dictator Musharraf / Shoukat Aziz, and MQM is still part of the present Gillani government).

The Obama administration could provide this TPS with a stroke of the pen. It is a humanitarian measure which does not need to go through Congress. But so far this administration has done nothing (except more murderous drone attacks on civilians violating the sovereignty of Pakistan). Even after promising legalization for all, Obama deported more immigrants.

TPS would allow all Pakistanis, regardless of immigration status, to work in their country of residence and send money home to help their families. It would mean that Pakistanis facing Deportation could be released from detention centers. It would also allow Pakistanis to go home to see their loved ones, pay respect to relatives lost in the the recent floods, and return to the U.S. This TPS should be retroactive to July.

We also request that attorneys interested in human rights charge only nominal fees for processing TPS papers and that humanitarian organizations pay all expenses for those who are in detention centers. We also ask that countries of the European Union, the Middle East and everywhere that there are Pakistanis providing low-wage labor also provide these immigrants with a similar status.

The U.S. government and other colonial powers have always attacked certain groups of people who opposed their reactionary policies. They attacked communists and other leftists from the time of the “Red Scare” of the 1920s, when foreign-born communists were threatened with deportation, until now when the FBI is raiding the homes of anti-war and international solidarity activists, seizing their files and subpoenaing them to appear before grand juries. Now they are attacking and demonizing Muslims who oppose the U.S. wars of terror against the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The U.S., and many European governments maintain a double standard by sanctioning and threatening war against Iran. This continues even as they provide billions of dollars annually to support their client Zionist state, Israel, in oppressing the Palestinian people, and providing atomic reactors and fuel to India, who continue killing innocent people in occupied Kashmir. Both Israel and India continue violating multiple U.N. resolutions in occupied Palestine and Kashmir.

Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum would like to thank all those who are participating in the fight for TPS for Pakistanis, especially the Awami National Party ,Mr. Abdullah Abid of Boston, and Attorney Saleem Rizvi. We call on all immigrant rights organizations, human rights and social justice groups to support this demand.

Finally, we would like to point out that Pak-USA FF was one of the first groups to support the TPS for Haitians after the devastating earthquake that struck their country in January. The Pakistani community has always been in the forefront of the fights against wars, torture and rendition, racism and police brutality, and for open courts, a free press and equality and civil rights for all!

Dr. Muhammad Shafique Mr. Shahid Comrade

President General Secretary


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